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Deep Tissue Massage

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Why 30-Minute Massage?

At Wellspring the focus is on healing through a wholistic approach. Research results provide scientific evidence for the use of problem-focused massage in healthcare. Our 30-minute massage sessions are designed to help heal a specific area of pain, discomfort or injury in the body.

Wellspring massage therapists utilize hot stones with deep-tissue massage, or your preferred pressure, during the full 30-minute session. It works wonders on acute or chronic areas of pain or injury.

Wellspring Massage Rates:

30-Minute Hot Stone & Deep Tissue Massage Session $50*

*Price is for non-medical massage services that are not billable to insurance. Fee does not include sales tax.

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*Medical massage for injuries sustained in an auto accident may be covered at 100% by auto insurance and are billed at the usual and customary insurance rates. If you have had a recent auto accident, contact us for a free auto injury screening to see if you could benefit from our massage or physical therapy services.