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Traditional and Wholistic Care

At Wellspring Health Center our care is patient-centered using a team approach which includes a board certified nurse practitioner, physical therapists, physical therapy assistants and massage therapists, in collaboration with a sports medicine physician. We integrate traditional and wholistic approaches in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injuries. Our focus is on restoring patients to an active, pain free, quality of life.

More than 85 percent of back, muscle and joint injuries as well as chronic pain don't require surgery. Wellspring uses non-surgical, traditional and wholistic methods to treat spine, hip, shoulder, knee and other musculoskeletal conditions. Our health care practitioners also teach patients how to prevent injuries and become healthier.

Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy Services Include:

  • Pain or Injury Screenings - acute or chronic pain, headaches, neck, back, joint and muscle pain, for all age

  • Diagnostic Testing: Soft Tissue Ultrasound Imaging, Digital X-rays, Lab Work and referrals for other indicated diagnostic tests

  • Joint injections: Trigger points, regenerative joint injections (Prolotherapy and PRP), anti-inflammatory injections

  • Physical Therapy: Pilates & Yoga based physical therapy, traditional physical therapy, myofascial release, medical massage, cold laser therapy and other non-surgical, functional medicine treatments.

  • Sports Physicals, Concussion Evaluation, Management and Return to Play

Meet John Odom M.D. - Medical Director

Dr. John H.L. Odom, Jr. is a board-certified medical doctor who specializes in sports medicine. He attended medical school at the University of Colorado. He completed a primary sports medicine fellowship at Hennepin County Medical Center in 2003 during which time he worked as the team physician at Bethel College, University of St. Thomas, University of Wisconsin Riverfalls, Northwestern College and Hopkins High School.

Dr. Odom is one of only a handful of physicians in the Twin Cities area to practice the Hackett Hemwall method of Prolotherapy and to perform Plasma Rich Protein Injections (PRP) using ultrasound guidance for optimum results. Countless new studies show PRP and Prolo’s effectiveness in successfully treating tendon, ligament and joint conditions (common examples include: tennis elbow, jumper’s knee, sprains/strains/arthritis in joints, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff and shoulder conditions, to name a few) that have been resistive to traditional treatments. Prolotherapy and PRP are regenerative injections that do not contain cortisone. Dr. Odom has specialized training in Diagnostic Ultrasound which allows for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

“As a medical doctor, I look at each patient individually, taking into account his or her lifestyle and history, not just the injury. In most cases there is a non-surgical solution to getting patients back in the game. Whether the game means the Olympics or activities of everyday life."

Dr. Odom covers the Twin Cities Marathon, Chicago Marathon, USA Triathlon, Liberty Triathlon, and MN High School State Tournaments (football, basketball, baseball, track, cross country, and dance). He is currently the team physician for Northwestern College.

Memberships Include: Minnesota Sports Medicine, American Medical Society of Sports Medicine, American College of Sports Medicine, American Road Race Medical Society .

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