Workplace Ergonomics

Written By Wellspring Health Center PLLC on October 3, 2017

Just how important is workplace ergonomics? The answer to that is it’s VERY important in every field and work setting, but in today's computer-dominated economy, office ergonomics largely focus around the computer workstation. That's not to say that nurses and blue-collar heavy... Read More

Pilates: More Than a "Girl" Thing!

Written By Alicia Ortberg, PTA on September 25, 2017

Pilates (Pi-LAH-teez) is one of the fastest growing fitness trends in the world, however, a number of men seem to be intimidated to give it a try. This raises the question, why haven’t they jumped on board? Perhaps it is... Read More

6 Warning Signs That Your Kid's Backpack Is Not Properly Fitted

Written By Wellspring Health Center PLLC on September 18, 2017

Our children's safety is a top priority. We teach them to look both ways, to wear their seat belt, and to wear a bike helmet. But unknowingly, we're placing them at risk for a variety of injuries by not teaching... Read More

Family Wellness - Checking Your Children's Posture

Written By Wellspring Health Center PLLC on September 5, 2017

It is common knowledge that good posture is one of the primary ways to prevent back and spinal problems later on in life. Children, however, are often hard to manage when it comes to adopting good posture and maintaining it,... Read More

Whole Foods: Nourishing and Healing The Body

Written By Kendra Bowe, Wellspring Patient Coordinator on August 15, 2017

“OK girls, what vegetable do you want tonight, corn or green beans?”  In response to this question, my sister or I would go to the cupboard and grab whatever can seemed most appealing on that particular night, and that was... Read More

How To Prevent Neck Pain While Sitting at Your Computer Desk

Written By Wellspring Health Center PLLC on August 1, 2017

The modern workplace is an overwhelmingly digital one. Processes that used to involve activities like driving, walking, talking and manually completing tasks (doing much of anything) are now comfortably digitized—for many people, work activity involves no more than sitting at... Read More

Benefits of Yoga

Written By Erin Kastenmeier, LPTA on July 18, 2017

It’s no wonder that yoga has increased in popularity over the last few years… check out what yoga can do for you! Beep. Beep. Beep. The alarm goes off at 6AM, you start the coffee, jump in the shower, get ready... Read More

Relieve Lower Back Pain By Addressing Trigger Points

Written By Wellspring Health Center PLLC on July 5, 2017

For many years, surgery remained the go-to solution for painful conditions such as spinal stenosis, but physical therapy has been shown effective at treating lower back pain. As a treatment option, physical therapy also conveniently eliminates the risk of post-surgical... Read More

Sleep: The Best Medicine

Written By Diane Opdahl, PT on June 20, 2017

For many of us sleep is the thing that soothes and restores us after a long day of work and play. It is our time to recharge our minds and bodies.  Many people at some point in their lives experience... Read More

Is Technology Harming Your Health? What Can You Do About It?

Written By Wellspring Health Center PLLC on June 5, 2017

Technology has changed the way we approach our daily lives, communicate with one another and organize our busy schedules. Although our tablets, smartphones, and laptops make our lives easier in incredibly significant ways, they can also have harmful effects on... Read More

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